Monday, February 23, 2015

That escalated quickly

I am in my 6th week of being a student at Kansas State University. A dream that was 10 years in the making. I went from not having much to do to having a whole lot to do in a relatively short time frame. I am still trying to adjust. 12 credit hours is considered full time, and I am taking 8 at the current moment, so slightly over half time. The big thing I wasn't prepared for at all was the university structure.

Community college did not prepare me for university.

I breezed through community college in 2 years with a 3.8 GPA. I was diligent about my work, I worked hard, and I did well. I know my naivety is really showing here, and I am ok with that. I knew university was going to be hard, but I didn't know it was going to be THIS hard. I am taking 2 classes, but with lectures, labs, studios, and exam nights, I am at school 5 days a week. Community college you just go to class, its the same format every time.

About 3 weeks in I had a breakdown. One of those rough breakdowns where you cry and ball up your fists and grit your teeth and try to tear through the walls. I was just so overwhelmed, and angry, at myself. Angry at myself I didn't go to college sooner, angry at myself I didn't know how to manage my time better, even angry at myself that I pursued this at my age. I was on the verge of throwing in the towel, quitting, something that isn't "me" at all.

Trying to do this
Joel, and my friends, talked me off the ledge. The comment I received the most was "you have come too far to quit". I knew they were right, but it was hard to think through the tears. I looked back to that hot summer day in Georgia I decided to pursue this adventure. It was August, I was on a morning run, just like I did most morning because of the extreme summer heat in the afternoon, and I abruptly stopped running and paused my Garmin, looking around at the empty loneliness around me. At that moment I decided I was ready to have a career again, and I was finally ready to drop the bitter feelings about what happened with my first career. When I got accepted in to the University, we had a family celebration. Now we all bleed purple

He bleeds purple with me

As with anything new in life it will be an adjustment, but I have to see this through. I want this degree, I want this career. My husband Joel and my best friend Loraine have been nothing but supportive and helping me out with everything. From the start, when going to Kansas State was just an notion, Joel was on board to do whatever he had to for me to be successful. There are challenges with him being active duty Army, but he does everything he can within his power to help me pursue this. Having so many people on my side gives me the hope that I will be able to do this, and one day I will grace the graduation stage in a cap and gown.

Not giving up that easily
Triathlon training hasn't changed, but I can say in a training sense, with school, my training has been better and I get the most of the training time I do have. I have been training and racing triathlon for 5 years, it has been a real constant in my life. Since moving to the Midwest and experiencing winter, a lot of my training has been indoors.

A winter wonderland......all the time
The first triathlon of the year for me is on May 18th, and with Muncie 70.3 on July 11th, and Ironman Louisville on October 11th, I am having fun with my training. I am mixing up base building, tempo work, and speed work in all 3 sports. I love swimming at the Kansas State pool. Its 25 meters and competition cold, I can swim 2000 meters there and still feel fresh because of the cold water.

Pool at Kansas State
I ran a 5k on Valentine's Day, but it wasn't a race to "love". A hilly course, strong 21 mph winds, and below freezing temperatures made for a tough day for a quick run, so I was thrilled with my 23:43 that morning. I placed 3rd in my age group (W30-39). Despite the miserable conditions, we were all happy to be there.

Fun small town 5k
When its bearable to run outside here I really enjoy it. The terrain varies so much and I can really find  perfect routes for my specific goal of that run. I've adapted enough to where high 30s I can now wear capris and long sleeves instead of tights and compression top. I ran 8 hilly miles on Saturday at a 8:23 pace and felt great and feel ready to put in the work for Muncie 70.3 and Ironman Louisville.

Was nice to let my legs breath! Well, lower legs
Here's my biggest tri news, I got a new bike!!!! After 3 years of trying to make the Cervelo P2 work for me, spending 100s on fits and stems, we (Joel and I) decide the best next step to take would be buying a bike with a more compatible frame for my body. We found a 2012 Cannondale Slice 105 that a shop had still in the box for an amazing price so we bought it. My fitting is on Thursday, and yes, the seat post and aerobars need to be trimmed with a saw, I know it looks silly in this pic, but I am so excited about the miles about to be put on this bike.

My new whip!
So that is my life at this current moment in time: school, triathlete, wife, mom, friend. In no particular order, Training is important to me, I make it a priority, but never a priority before my family and friends. The finish line means nothing to me without them there cheering me on, even if they can't be there in person. Honestly I still haven't figured out where school falls in here, but I suppose I will find out. I have yet to miss a homework assignment or fail a test.

Thanks for reading, happy training!

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