Saturday, October 11, 2014

Changing Winter Focus

Bike lean at our new home
We have been in Kansas a little over a month now. I recovered from Konquer the Konza 25k fairly quickly. Which was a surprise to me since it was unlike anything I have ever done. Since I felt so good after the race I briefly considered signing up for a marathon. I have not done a marathon since December 2011, aside from Ironman, which I don't really count since you run a stand-alone marathon completely different from the way you do the run in an Ironman. The only thing I have done close to a marathon since then was the 50k I did in January. 

I really did want a big exciting winter race. The 50k was that race for me last winter, and it got me out the door every day for four months in preparation for it.

The month I have been riding my bike here has been a reality check. I'm not as good of a cyclist as I thought I was. This is not in a negative way whatsoever, I am just getting real and admitting to myself I have a lot of work to do. For four years I rode on flat roads and learned how to ride on such terrain, in the aero hammering away. I learned on my first ride here I can't ride like that on hills. It feels like I am starting over, but I am up to the challenge.

This climb was never ending
I was thinking things over and going over my goals for the winter. I decided that, with living in a new area of the country, as well as being selected for a triathlon team for 2015's triathlon season and wanting to be the best athlete I can be for my team, that I will focus on cycling this winter. No running races longer than a half marathon all winter, since the half marathon is a very manageable distance and the training will keep me from getting completely burned out on cycling.

I have all the gear, so the only time I will be on the fluid trainer is when there is snow on the ground. If there is no snow on the ground, I'll be on the road, going up and down the hills. My climbing and descending (going down steep downhills still scares me) needs work, and there is no shortage of hills here. My last ride with Joel, we rode 26 miles and got 1200 feet of elevation gain on our Garmin 910xts.

I do realize I need to swim too, I have access to a 50 meter pool at the aquatic center.

The off season is long here. The last races of the season are mid September, and it starts up again early May, so I have enough time to become a decent cyclist on this terrain. I am doing a road half marathon on November 15, described as a challenging, hilly course. Looking forward to it so I can see how my time compares to my flat course half marathon time.

Already looking forward to seeing what next year's triathlon season has in store!

Thanks for reading!

Been riding with hubby a lot, feels like a date!

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